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Reorganization and cultural change in the administration

This case study is about the cooperation with one of our customers from the public administration sector.

The organization, based in southern Germany, has approximately 700 employees and provides services to state ministries and subordinate authorities. Since 2019, we have been supporting numerous re-organization and culture-changing measures at almost all levels for this client.

The client organization was given a very far-reaching political mandate a few years ago. The resulting necessary growth process is noticeable in all areas – recently more positive. Within this transformation process, we accompany the reorganization processes of the departments and help shape them at the individual team levels. 

For example, the adaptation to increasingly complex customer requirements and a permanently high workload within a division. Technical, and organizational changes had been planned and implemented. In the change process, employees and managers were also confronted above all with major cultural challenges.



Our assignment:

Our assignment now was to examine, together with the organization's cultural and individual values, ...

1. what the biggest hurdles are,
2. how the change process can be completed sustainably and
3. how the reorganization could become a success for everyone in the organization.

It quickly became apparent that the change project was causing resistance from employees throughout the organization.

We wanted to explore this resistance and make it perceptible as an opportunity for discussion, to take a closer look behind the curtain.
And that's when some concerns came to the fore and could be solved.

We used this experiential knowledge to adapt the measures to be implemented even more precisely to the organization and its employees.
In addition, we used this knowledge about the history and culture of the company to prepare the managers for the coming changes.
After all, executives need to be prepared for change, as they are the levers for success.


Our approach:

After extensive stakeholder interviews, it quickly became clear that the organization faced the following challenge:

  • matching the growing customer requirements with the necessary consolidation of technology and know-how, and
  • to simultaneously create lean, permeable and resilient structures for its employees.

Against this backdrop, it was important for managers to provide an increased level of clarity and model resilience.

In addition, we focused on developing new values and trust-based ways of acting for the unit and its associated teams.

We’ve done Workshops, trainings, individual coaching sessions, and large-scale events to convey the new values and agreed-upon ways of acting to the people within the organization. Through highly collaborative and dialogically oriented interventions, these became tangible and transferable for each individual into their everyday professional lives.

After tasks and roles were newly sharpened, cooperation also improved noticeably beyond team boundaries. The individual areas become even more professional and service-oriented in their work and thus deliver high-quality outcomes for internal and external customers.



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