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Employer Branding

Our understanding of employer branding

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, an attractive employer brand is more important than ever. It works both internally and externally: a strong employer brand retains employees and attracts new ones. SEMA Consult does not see employer branding as an isolated strategy alongside others. We are convinced that the measures in this area are only one facet of the brand-centred corporate strategy. Employer branding must be understood as an important piece of the puzzle of a holistic approach.




With SEMA Consult to successful employer branding

Companies choose their employees? That was once the case! Today it's mostly the other way round and companies have to find new ways to be successful in recruiting staff. The cornerstone for your future personnel marketing is the brand house, in which the corporate values, the brand promise, the mission, vision and the character of the brand are defined. These elements are lived by your own employees - the candidate journey must be designed with them in the recruiting process. With user-centred methods, we work with you to develop the right approach for your company or organisation.

Our other services in the area of Brand & Identity

SEMA Consult helps you to build an attractive employer brand. In addition, we support you and your company or organisation in successfully and sustainably positioning your brand in the market and strengthening the identification of your employees with your brand.



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