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SEMA Consult. From thoughts to solutions.

Our brand identity services

As a systemic consulting institute, we support companies, teams and managers in developing and establishing sustainable solutions. Our service portfolio in the area of Brand & Identity is based on three pillars:

►Internal Branding
►External Branding
►Employer Branding

Our services at a glance

Internal Branding

  • We strengthen your employees' identification with your brand.
  • This holds enormous potential: employees act as brand ambassadors, carry the brand promise to the outside world and address external target groups.
  • We take into account that every company and every organisation is an individual organism.
  • That's why we work with our clients to develop solutions that are tailored to them in order to leverage this enormous potential.
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External Branding

  • SEMA Consult builds your brand house - and does so in such a way that your brand achieves the greatest possible sustainable impact in the market.
  • The basis is a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, including the relevant stakeholders and market developments.
  • With user-centred methods, we interactively develop the brand house together with you and define the brand promise, the core values, the brand personality, the positioning as well as the mission, goals and vision.
  • The results can be used to define, develop and implement all strategic and operational activities for making the mission effective internally and externally.
  • This is how we successfully develop new brands and rebrand existing brands.
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Employer Branding

  • An attractive employer brand works both internally and externally. It retains employees and attracts new ones.
  • We do not see employer branding as an isolated strategy alongside others, but rather as a building block of a brand-centred corporate strategy.
  • The starting point for employer branding is therefore the brand house. On this basis, we design the candidate journey in the recruiting process, for example.
  • With user-centred methods, we develop their customised approach together with our clients.
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Brand & Identity

From brand to brand house

A successful brand consists of several components. In addition to the core values of your company, these include the brand personality, the positioning, the brand promise, as well as your mission, goals and vision. Together, these building blocks form your brand house. We see the brand house as the starting point for all considerations and measures in the three areas of internal branding, external branding and employer branding.




Why Brand & Identity?

Because a strong and sustainable brand is an essential driver for successful business models, products and services. It helps to attract and retain employees. It is a powerful instrument of strategic corporate management - and thus a management tool of successful companies and organisations.

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Why SEMA Consult?

We bring together corporate and brand identity as well as organisational and human resource development in one consulting house. Because we are convinced that organisation, culture and identity belong together - we look at these topics holistically. Our mission is to enable companies and administrations to derive the greatest possible benefit for their organisation from identity. SEMA Consult always keeps the client's individual situation in mind. The advantage for our clients: There is only one contact person for both knowledge domains - brand management and organisational development. This means reduced transaction costs internally. All change and brand measures are coordinated and intertwined: a strong brand strengthens the organisation and makes its purpose effective. SEMA Consult designs the framework for this and ensures that it is adequately filled with content. Clear, agile and digital.



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