Learning and teaching in the world of work 4.0: opportunities and perspectives

The fourth industrial revolution is constantly expanding
its influence on everyday and working life. Thus, digitalization
offers new opportunities for companies, teams and individuals.
With SEMA Consult an experienced and reliable partner stands
at your side. We make sure that you make the most out of the
opportunities of digital learning and teaching.

Our solution for digital learning: The White Label Academy bySEMA Consult

The continuous rise of qualification levels and the transition to a knowledge-based service society makes it necessary to continuously train one's own managers and employees. To be able to face this change appropriately, digital learning is unquestionable. The next step, especially for SMEs without their own personnel department, is the White Label Academy of SEMA Consult: Digital learning in pre-curated learning worlds.

The White-Label-Academy serves as a central contact point for analog and digital learning for all employees and managers. Here they have access to pre-curated learning worlds that have been specially adapted to their business goals.

Learners have the opportunity to take part in training and further education courses as required and to attend high-quality seminars. In addition, managers have the opportunity to plan training and further education measures for employees in order to ensure an individual development process.

Pre-curated learning worlds. Digital and analogue. Daily updated.

The core competence of WLA is to pre-select modern and appealing e-learning courses, from tests and video tutorials to online seminars, and to make them available to you easily and quickly. Furthermore, with the help of SEMA Consult's many years of experience, a daily updated offer of face-to-face seminars from the training market is presented. Your advantage: Open your own Corporate Academy in less than 10 minutes and run this Academy without internal personnel resources.

With the help of the WLA you have the possibility to make self-created content available for your own employees and thus ensure the preservation of knowledge within your company. Thus you not only profit from the experience of SEMA Consult but also can provide sustainable and long-term internal company knowledge.

Digital learning
A field with enormous potential

Digital formats are changing communication channels and turning traditional learning situations upside down:

Global communication takes place in real time.

Knowledge is quickly gathered and supplemented; it can be called up flexibly.

Learning processes are less bound to fixed places and times.

Students and teachers meet at eye level and jointly shape the learning processes.

Employees are alternately in the role of the learner and in the function of the teacher.

The examples show how deeply the structural change is taking hold. Change processes require professional support.SEMA Consult provides this with innovative concepts to future-oriented companies that want to face the change and actively shape it.

Why do companies need a new learning culture?

Global networking, flexible working models and the change in occupational profiles require lifelong, in-company learning. At the same time, the heterogeneity of employees is increasing. Intercultural teams, job sharing or home offices are no longer a rarity today. Companies are faced with the task of developing tailor-made learning offers and thus improving their quality.

Concrete examples of real added value of the new learning culture

VCTs (Virtual Learning Classrooms)

Users from different locations take part in further training without much effort; the teacher is selected according to qualification, local availability is not important (anymore).

Large selection of didactic possibilities

Every employee uses ideal learning times and channels; learning success and efficiency increase.

Networking larger groups of users

Exchange and learning-on-the-job consolidate new contents sustainably.

Which, however, will always be of central importance: The basis for a successful digital learning culture is not the technical infrastructure, but a corporate culture characterised by mutual trust and appreciation.

The three pillars of digital learning culture

Gelingende Lernprozesse – ob klassisch oder digital – fußen auf drei Säulen:

practical teaching methods
Motivation of the employees
ongoing support by superiors or HR

The following figure outlines how digital formats
and attendance times can be combined into a long-term
didactic concept or as individual measures.

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