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SEMA Consult. From thoughts to solutions.

Our services in the field of Learning & Development (L&D).

As a systemic consulting institute, we support companies, teams and managers in developing and establishing sustainable solutions. Our service portfolio in the area of personnel development is based on three pillars:

►Leadership Development
►Team Development
►Corporate Academy

Overview of our services

Leadership Development

  • We start from the end and look for answers to the following question: Which knowledge, which values, which competencies should your executives be able to intuitively access after the executive development?

  • For this content, we develop a systematic, coherent program for executives. In doing so, we determine in which period of time which modules have to be worked on so that you or your team reach the defined goal.

  • We attach great importance to "community building". That means: We tear down organizational silos and get into collegial exchange across departments.

Learn more about Leadership Development here

Team Development

  • We conduct individual interviews with selected team members - usually five to eight people, depending on the size of the team.

  • This data is collected anonymously and condensed into central statements in the next step.

  • On this basis, we develop suitable measures for team development - for example, a team workshop, strategy days or team events.

Learn more about Team Development here

Corporate Academy

  • We help you build a digital learning environment that frees up your HR department and moves your employees forward.

  • We remove all the dead weight and give you a customized training catalog, tailored to your employees and your company.

  • We implement contemporary digital and analog learning - including all necessary administrative processes.

Learn more about the Corporate Academy here

Human Resource Development

Why Human Resource Development?

Because committed and highly qualified employees are a company's most important resource. Promoting their individual needs and interests while at the same time aligning them with the economic needs of the organization is the task of Human Resource Development. It deals with the targeted, systematic development of employees: To enhance staff competencies. To manage change at the individual level. In doing so, personnel development always has its own organization firmly in view: What do we need today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow? This is the only way to ensure economic success for the organization and to retain employees in the long term. And only in this way can HR development contribute to a sustainable and successful change process.




Why SEMA Consult?

At SEMA Consult, we really want to help companies and their employees get ahead. We understand modern Human Resource Development as "enabling didactics": It enables the employee to build up required competencies in a self-organized and creative way in the work process. Working and learning grow together - learning becomes part of the work. Instead of formalized trainings and seminars, we therefore develop specific offers after a detailed analysis, which are individually tailored to the requirements of our customers. As a nationally and internationally active consulting institute, we support our clients' HR departments conceptually and operationally in all processes of modern personnel development work.

Here is a selection of clients we have successfully supported

Human Resource Development 4.0

To enable learning and work to merge, we take a step-by-step approach. We establish diverse and easy-to-use learning formats that can be accessed and easily consumed at any time via a digital corporate academy that we provide. This digital corporate academy contains curated learning paths that can be accessed at any time, consisting of learning videos, podcasts, webinars, e-learning or online role-playing games. In this way, we enable our clients and their organisations to learn whenever they need to: Learning in the moment of need - now!



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