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Change Management

How we understand Change Management. And how we live it.

Managing change - this is what Change Management literally means. At SEMA Consult, however, we understand it differently: change support. We don't want to and can't impose cultural changes in a planned way. Instead, we want to accompany them and support our clients in shaping the change. Proactively and creatively. Regardless of whether the organization is globally active or operates in a regional area. Because the respective entrepreneurial challenges are always noticeable and must be successfully mastered - change is an omnipresent constant. Standstill? There is no such thing!




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We design your change process

The modern world is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. These four major challenges facing organizations today are summarized by the term VUCA. In order to successfully meet these challenges, the willingness and ability to act proactively is increasingly required in order to adapt and change the organizational structure, strategy and culture of an organization with targeted measures. With our many years of expertise, we help you to shape your change process sustainably and successfully.


How we proceed

• We consider the overall context of all factors simultaneously, guided by our understanding of systemic organizational development.

• We design all measures in such a way that they are congruent with each other and contribute to initiating change comprehensively and holistically.

• We attach importance to designing the change process in such a way that the change can also be implemented at the individual level of action and thus lead to success.

• The interventions we implement unfold their effectiveness from within the organization.

• In doing so, we very consciously access the resources already available in the organization, thus enabling sustainable change.

• We see resistance as an opportunity, not as a brake: because every resistance is information or a perspective that still needs to be evaluated - in order to either stay on course unchanged or to adapt the process.

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