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Cultural development

Why corporate culture is essential

 An organization’s culture is a key factor of success: Cultural elements such as behavior, thought patterns, and values influence strategies, goals, and modes of operation. The corporate culture is reflected, among other things, in the way we interact with each other on a day-to-day basis or in our interaction with clients. A corporate culture that actively practiced can be a decisive advantage over competitors. It helps a company stay fit for the future and to emerge stronger than before after a crisis. If companies or organizations want to work more efficiently, more effectively, and more successfully in general, they need to go beyond trying out processes. First and foremost, they need to look at their culture and develop it further. 



Why cultural development takes time

Cultural change cannot be demanded. The same goes for corporate values or employee behavior. Management must rather adapt framework conditions, create safe spaces, enable feedback – and first and foremost, not expect any abrupt changes for cultural change to succeed. Cultural change does not happen overnight. It requires anticipation or experience of the (new) values at the individual level that a culture slowly begins to develop for the organization as a whole. The company and organization should plan at least six to twelve months for this process. 

How SEMA Consult will support you in culture development

We consider cultural development to be a targeted change process. Our professional, experienced team of consultants will accompany you in your culture development to make your culture change successful and sustainable.

  • Our work usually starts by reviewing the applicable corporate values: Are they contemporary? Are they applied in practice? Do the structures in the organization match them? Are they merely slogans without any relevance to entrepreneurial action?
  • In the next step, we will clarify the goals to be achieved by cultural change.
  • Following the analysis phase, we will develop a structured concept with you in order to
  1. let the need for a change arise on all levels,
  2. to give everyone the honest feeling of being significant and qualified for this change,
  3. and to then start the change through a very dense communicative support.


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