Change as a real and omnipresent constant

Organizational and personnel development play a central role in adapting a
organisaion to a globally networked and digital market. No matter whether a
company operates directly and closely on a global level or its own strategy
is focused on regional presence: The respective entrepreneurial challenges
are always noticeable and must be overcome successfully.

Systemic organisational development
the foundation for successful change management

takes complex structures and their interaction into account. An irreplaceable instrument of modern personnel and organisational development.

We always analyse and develop in the overall context

We develop sensitively and in partnership

We act reliably and goal-oriented

We are entrepreneurs and thus generate solutions with entrepreneurial added value

We communicate openly and clearly

Organizational consulting takes place in a sensitive triangle: Company - employees - consultants. This network of relationships requires a particularly high degree of professionalism by the consultant. Professionalism, which at SEMA Consult consists of the following three principles:

Why organizational consulting?

HR, General Manager and all senior managers are highly qualified experts. 
At the same time, they are also an integral part of the organisation that needs
to be changed and are therefore always affected. SEMA Consult as an external
consulting institute has additional resources at its disposal: We are neutral, have
a broadly diversified knowledge of methods as well as a fresh and open view on
the status quo of your organization.

We successfully support the following mandates, among others:

Change Management in a DAX company

Based on a comprehensive and long lasting expertise SEMA-Consult developed a change strategy for the entire management level.

Culture development - from control to trust

During the consulting process, inspiring guidelines were developed which are supported and practiced by all managers at all levels.

Conference moderation: Entering the future

Successful and inspiring events, where the participants are "brought on board" and get the desire to develop a common culture. A desire for future.

Reorganisation in the administration

Redesign areas of responsibility within the overall organisation, establish interfaces for cross-team processes. This was the start of a successful cultural change, which has a positive, culture-infecting effect on the entire company.

Team developments: Together to new goals and values

Teams need support during changes in order to find their way in a new composition or environment. They need to break through what they have come to love and accept new things resiliently.

Strategy development in SMEs - creating clarity, implementing processes

Directors and management develop a common goal. They know their tasks, which they will implement in terms of strategic corporate development.

At SEMA Consult we work on eye level with our clients. It is not about marching along a preplanned path. Rather it is about actively shaping the change as a participant and not as an affected party.

Our consulting process

Three steps to concrete results

Analysis and planning
Review of results

Here is an exemplary process model of how we proceeded
in a smaller project ...

Why organizational consulting?

Employees of the human resources department, managing directors or executives are highly qualified experts. At the same time, they are also an integral part of the organization that needs to be changed and therefore always also affected persons. An external consultant has additional resources at his disposal: he or she is neutral, has a broad knowledge of methods and a fresh and open view of the status quo in the company.

For example, he or she can identify unconscious aspects of the organizational culture or outdated patterns. Sema Consult, for example, supports its clients as a partner in questioning or analysing the current status and finding new ways forward. This is especially true for the highly topical issues around the topics "Change Management", "Agile Organizational Development" and "Learning Culture".

As Sema Consult, we benefit from many years of experience in a wide range of industries. This is another significant added value compared to internal process consultants, consultants or trainers. This way we are by far the closest to establishing new perspectives and firmly anchoring them in the corporate culture.

SEMA Consult provides new perspectives

For Sema Consult, "change management" and "learning culture" have become the main focus of our consulting mandates over the past years. This is probably also because the one has a direct impact on the other. Successfully shaping change in the age of digital transformation can no longer be achieved without a new learning culture. Lifelong learning and the ability to anchor this within the organisational culture with new media offerings are indispensable today.

For this reason, we at Sema Consult work at eye level with our clients. It is not about marching along a preplanned path. Rather, it is about actively shaping the change, as a participant and not as a person affected.  Sema Consult follows this path with your company. Together we develop the corporate culture towards the digital future.

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