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What our clients have to say about our work

Ms Miriam Gögelein, Management Department 32, BITBW, Stuttgart:

"We have been working very successfully with SEMA Consult GmbH for many years. Our collaboration began with a single workshop and has continued to develop ever since. Today SEMA accompanies change projects in almost all departments and levels of our company. We are always guided through the entire change process at eye level and with a lot of consulting experience and even more solution orientation. The scientifically based work, the certainty of being picked up where we are as an organization and the ability to connect with our colleagues give us the security to continue working with SEMA Consult! We are looking forward to the coming phases."

Ms Andrea Kunz, HR Management, Otsuka Pharma:

“The support of our transformation process by SEMA Consult, essentially in the person of Matthias Senft, was a pleasure and a great success in all respects. Starting with a singular workshop, we had a virtually living project process within which ideas, wishes, and needs for action emerged from the most diverse directions. Mr Senft was able to accompany us with his calm, creative, yet very foresighted manner. He sorted through our options with us, smartly ranked the items based on his HR experience, and then knew how to combine this with the organization and implement everything successfully.”

Ms Doris Schürmann, Head of PE & OE, Stadt Bielefeld:

“As the central department for personnel development in the Office of Human Resources of the City of Bielefeld, we coordinate the employees’ needs for interdisciplinary qualification and deploy the external trainers. We are happy to rely on the support of Mr Senft here. For example, we he is responsible for development processes within departments or teams as well as for method and specialist training. His scientifically validated frame of reference, broad range of methods, and authentic demeanor make Mr Senft a valued organizational facilitator and consultant at all levels.”

Mr Dirk Kunz, SVP IT, Bertelsmann:

“SEMA Consult supported an internal development process at our company. Thanks to the professional process design and the English facilitation throughout, even sensitive subjects could be dealt with openly and in a targeted manner at all times during the process. Mr Senft’s solution-oriented attitude brought about a very good process result that continues to be an important part of our daily work. We look forward to continuing our work together with SEMA Consult.”

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