Understand, simplify and outsource the personnel development process as a business variable!

Personnel development is a diverse and complex activity in which one can quickly become overloaded with administrative tasks. The strategically valuable levers that give PD a real value contribution in the operational value creation are often neglected, regardless of whether in a group, SME or administration: internal stakeholder management, new developments, talent pipelines.

Our offer: concentrate here on your real core tasks of developing personnel. We take care of the support processes, such as resource and schedule planning, virtual front office or centralized accounting.

Predictable. Scalable.

As a decision-maker, experience professionalism and scientific approach to content implementation, light-footedness and efficiency in administration.

You can obtain the following modules in the training process from us:

Resource and schedule planning

Scheduling of training series and programs, trainer planning, hotel/room planning, infrastructure planning, development of a continuous resource and schedule planning process


Conception, presentation and maintenance of the portfolio on the intranet, newsletter and advertising mailings, conception, organisation and implementation of marketing events, development of a continuous marketing process

Coordination of measures

Communication with participants, trainers and hotels, production and distribution of training documents and materials, documentation of participants in your reporting system (LMS/SAP), development of a continuous action coordination process


Execution of the measure, documentation of attendance of participants, handing over of certificates/confirmations of participation, recording of participant feedback

Follow-up and evaluation

Control of all payment flows for the invoicing of services provided, preparation of feedback evaluation, preparation of individual reports and statistics, development of a continuous evaluation process

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The foundation of our actions

are attitude and up-to-date expertise. We ourselves attend
ongoing training courses in order to be able to develop
solutions for tomorrow with our customers using modern tools.
Among other things, we are certified:

Systemic organizational developers and coaches
Project manager according to IPMA
Scrum master

Our consultant profiles, specific to your project,
we will be pleased to send you on request.

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for your current or future questions.
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Why organizational consulting?

Employees of the human resources department, managing directors or executives are highly qualified experts. At the same time, however, they are also an integral part of the organisation that needs to be changed and therefore always also those affected. An external consultant has additional resources here: he or she is neutral, has a wide range of methodological knowledge, and a fresh and open view of the status quo in the company.

For example, he or she can identify unconscious aspects of the organizational culture or outdated patterns. Sema Consult, for example, supports its clients as a partner in questioning or analysing the actual state of affairs and finding new ways forward. This is especially true for the highly topical issues around the topics "Change Management", "Agile Organizational Development" and "Learning Culture".

As Sema Consult, we benefit from many years of experience in a wide range of industries. This is another significant added value compared to internal process consultants, consultants or trainers. Thus we are by far the closest to establishing new perspectives and firmly anchoring them in the corporate culture.

SEMA Consult provides new perspectives

For Sema Consult, "change management" and "learning culture" have become the main focus of our consulting mandates over the past years. This is probably also because the one has a direct impact on the other. Successfully managing change in the age of digital transformation can no longer be achieved without a new learning culture. Lifelong learning and the ability to anchor this within the organisational culture with new media offerings are indispensable today.

That is why we at Sema Consult work at eye level with our clients. It is not about marching along a preplanned path. Rather, it is about actively shaping the change, as a participant and not as a person affected. Sema Consult follows this path with your company. Together we develop the corporate culture towards the digital future.

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