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The SEMA Consult team.

The management

Matthias Senft started SEMA Consult in 2017 to manage his clients’ “present” and proactively shape their “future”. He focuses on facilitation of change and leadership programs. He is passionate for innovation. Thinking innovatively within the existing framework and letting novelties emerge and become effective inspires him and his clients alike time and time again. Matthias Senft studied in Freiburg, Toronto, and Dresden. In addition to a master’s degree in political science, English and sociology, he holds a postgraduate Master of Business Administration with a focus on human resources, personnel development, and marketing. 



Come and meet our team!

In addition to founder and managing director Matthias Senft, the SEMA team includes employees and network partners. Each of them has their own individual consultant profile, competencies, experiences, and approaches. We all share our systemic conviction and the highest quality standards. 

Matthias Senft

As managing director of SEMA Consult GmbH, I manage my clients’ “present” and proactively shape their “future”. I focus on change management and leadership programs. In my actions, I draw on more than a decade of professional experience in personnel development and organizational development. Furthermore, I am a lecturer on change management at the FH Diakonie Bielefeld.

Dr. Antje Dräger

Antje designs and creates change processes for companies and administrations. She also supports teams and leaders as a systemic business coach. She draws on her many years of experience in a number of state ministries in Hamburg and in personnel development at an international corporation. She is certain that both companies and public administrations need an agile learning culture to be able to innovate. Antje is also a lecturer on change management at the FH Diakonie Bielefeld.

Florian Grünendahl

Florian mostly appears at SEMA Consult as a technical writer at trainings, workshops, or lectures. He ensures the smooth operation and technical facilitation of events. On top of this, he prepares new and interesting content from current research for practical application. 

Brigitta Grunwald

 As co-owner of the agency ►wald & thal, Brigitta supports companies in their organizational development processes, advising them on all strategic issues for internal and external communication. 

Frauke Schöttke

Frauke is a short-term coach, ensuring that her clients rise above themselves in challenging situations. Her specialty is establishing a clear situation and freeing energy to take some initial steps in the proper direction. Her passion is for the moment when everything falls into place. 

Beate Bemmert

Beate focuses on developing the potential of individuals, teams, and companies through consulting and coaching. As an empathic and analytically strong trainer, she also develops customized seminars. 

Ute Freisen

Ute has been successfully accompanying individuals, teams, and organizations in various stress and change situations for almost two decades. Focusing on “healthy leadership”, she is guided by her education as a certified social pedagogue and a systemic organizational consultant.


Let’s get to know each other!

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