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Leadership development

Our development programs for leaders

Do you want to expand your leadership competencies or those of your management team in a future-oriented manner? SEMA Consult will be the professional partner by your side:

  • We begin at the end and try to answer the following question: What knowledge, values, and competencies should your leaders be able to intuitively access after leadership development?

  • We develop a systematic, coherent program for leaders for this content. We specify the time frame for processing each module so that you or your team will reach the defined goal.

  • We value “community building”. That is: We tear down organizational silos and engage in cooperative exchanges across departments.

  • We do not only train individual subjects, but also provide resilient data. That is why, for us, before and after the actual leadership development, detailed ►diagonstics, from which we derive conclusions and recommendations for action.

  • It is important to us that what is learned is linked to everyday working life. Transfer tasks are an important component of the development program.



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We will give you the tools you need to lead your team in a changing world. Future-oriented. Targeted. Up to date. 


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