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Conference facilitation

Make your conference successful with SEMA Consult

A conference is more than just a big hall with a lot of people. It’s about a collaborative experience and coming up with something new. Conferences are complex and very powerful – if they are well planned and implemented. We are specialists in this field. 



HR Summit is a virtual or analogue solution for the top executives of a global corporation or a highly collaborative meeting of the international IT team: We develop storylines for conferences that will inspire. They will awaken the participants’ desire to tackle new things. They will receive an opportunity to actively participate – be it with working groups or panel discussions. We develop an exact and detailed dramaturgy and prepare your major event accordingly for this purpose. 

“We believe that good conferences need to be light on their feet. When everything that happens seems almost random, and the attendee forgets about time, it’s a great and inspiring conference.”

Matthias Senft, Owner of SEMA Consult GmbH


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