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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

100% use – 0% CO2

We at SEMA Consult are aware of the special responsibility we as a company have to contribute to socially sustainable development. We want to bring progress in line with environmental protection and social values. As an internationally operating consulting institute, we cannot do without business trips to our clients. Nevertheless, we travel climate-consciously: We offset every gram of CO2 that our car trips and flights cause and donate to global climate protection projects. 



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Local initiatives supported by SEMA Consult

The Bielefeld Tafel

Did you know that about 17 percent of food sold worldwide ends up in the trash? The food banks are dedicated to fighting this. They food from supermarkets, bakeries, or delis in order to distribute it to people in need and social institutions. There are now more than 950 food banks in Germany. Bielefelder Tafel e.V. is one of them. Many volunteers make the work of the Bielefelder Tafel e.V. possible. Since we are certain that their work is vital for our society, SEMA Consult regularly donates to the Bielefelder Tafel e.V.

The Bielefeld Climate Week

As a registered association, the Bielefeld Climate Week serves the goal of improving the level of information and creative competence of Bielefeld’s population where (local) measures, approaches, and products of climate protection, energy efficiency, and promotion of renewable energies are concerned. The annual planting campaigns are just one of many measures of the Bielefeld Climate Week. Here, trees are planted in cooperation with forest owners, foresters, local businesses, and interested citizens. SEMA Consult supports this activity of the Bielefeld Climate Week with “tree donations”.


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