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Internal Branding

Our understanding of internal branding

SEMA Consult is convinced that brand-centred corporate management has enormous potential for sustainable corporate success. Only when the brand is lived in every fibre of the company or organisation can it unfold its enormous momentum: It works from the inside out and thus acts as a catalyst for growth and resilience.




SEMA Consult strengthens your brand in the organisation

In order for us to succeed, we involve your employees in the process of brand building, inform them in detail about the brand and inspire them for it. In this way, employees become brand ambassadors: they carry the brand promise to the outside world and - intrinsically motivated - address external target groups. We take to heart that every company and every organisation is an individual organism. We therefore work with you to develop the individual recipe for unearthing this treasure in your company.

Our other products and services in the area of Brand & Identity

SEMA Consult supports you in strengthening the identification of your employees with your brand. Our holistic service portfolio also includes consulting and support in the areas of external branding and employer branding.



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