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External Branding

Our understanding of external branding

In a nutshell: external branding is the way your customers and target groups perceive your company. But external branding is much more than just a distinctive logo or a catchy claim. We use this term to describe all marketing measures and activities with customer contact. The customer is always at the centre.




SEMA Consult accompanies your branding process

Together with you, we build your brand house - with the aim of ensuring that your brand achieves the greatest possible impact on the market in the long term. The basis for this is a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, which includes all relevant stakeholders and relevant market developments. In the next step, we jointly define the brand promise, the core values, the brand personality, the positioning as well as the mission, goals and vision. The resulting brand house helps to define, develop and implement all strategic and operational activities for the effectiveness of the mission internally and externally. With this approach, we successfully develop new brands and rebrand existing brands.

Our other services in the area of Brand & Identity

SEMA Consult not only helps you and your company to successfully and sustainably position your brand in the market, but also supports you in building an attractive employer brand and strengthening the identification of your employees with your brand.



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