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How we shape successful change

Our approach to change

  • We look behind the curtain. To see what’s happening backstage.

  • We convert abstract feelings into clear thoughts. We give structure to thoughts and space to structure.

  • We know that professional communication management is crucial for successful and sustainable change.

  • We accompany implementation of new ideas and show the next steps.

  • We encourage self-directed work with the client’s available positive resources.



The 5 50 500 Network


Our core

Five to ten internationally experienced senior-level consultant personalities. Working nationwide, each with individual areas of focus, united in the systemic work approach. 


The network

Fifty permanent systemic consultants. Employed by network partners and available to SEMA Consult indirectly and cooperatively at need. 


Virtually any subject

Five hundred trainers on technical subjects. We can recruit these on demand in a resource-saving and quality-assured manner in the scope of a pan-European training group. 

Our consultation process

Three steps to achievable results

  1. Analysis & planning – for example, with realistic planning right from the start. With solid data collection by means of stakeholder interviews and their evaluation. And with ongoing coordination rounds in the steering committee (client + SEMA) for longer-term projects.
  2. Implementation – for example with individual dialogues, specific training, rousing workshops or large group events. All of this, as always, analogue and digital.
  3. Checking the results – by means of a 100-day programme and clearly named milestones, employee surveys or checking previously agreed KPIs. 



We will be happy to send you further information on our advisory process upon request. Feel free to contact us!

Culture of digitality

We practice a culture of digitality at the highest level. In our well-equipped green screen studio, we perform, among other things, professional digital workshops or trainings with results perfectly comparable to analogue events in quality. We appreciate the new opportunities of digitization for companies, teams, and individuals. We exploit them to the maximum, depending on the digital maturity of our clients. SEMA Consult gives you an experienced and reliable partner. We make certain that you can make the most of the opportunities offered by digital learning and teaching.