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Team Development

With SEMA Consult to a permanently successful team

Teamwork is the key to success: A well-coordinated, effective and efficient team not only contributes significantly to a positive working atmosphere, but also has a decisive influence on the achievement of economic goals. But how do lone warriors become true team players? How can collaboration, effectiveness and relationships within a team be improved? How can new teams be built well and how does the change of personnel within a team succeed? SEMA Consult not only provides you with answers to these questions, but also accompanies you and your team in the concrete implementation to make Team Development sustainable.




Our recipe for success in Team Development

Before we start with concrete measures for Team Development, we attach importance to a thorough analysis of the current state. We have successfully developed teams with this approach:

  • We conduct individual interviews with selected team members - usually five to eight people, depending on the size of the team.
  • This data is collected anonymously and condensed into central statements in the next step.

  • On this basis, we develop suitable measures for Team Development - for example, a team workshop, strategy days or team events.


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