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SEMA Consult. From thoughts to solutions.

Our services in organizational development (OD)

We support companies, teams, and leaders in developing and establishing sustainable solutions as a systemically working consulting institute. Our service portfolio is based on three pillars:

►Change management
►Culture change
►Strategy development

Our services at a glance

Change management

  •  We consider the overall context of all factors at the same time and are guided by our understanding of systemic organizational development.

  • We design all measures to make them congruent with each other and help trigger change in a comprehensive and integrated manner.

  • We place importance to designing the change process to implement change on an individual level of action as well, thereby leading success.  

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Cultural development

  • We consider cultural development to be a targeted change process.

  •  Our work usually starts by reviewing the applicable corporate values: Are they contemporary? Are they applied in practice? Do the structures in the organization match them? Are they merely slogans without any relevance to entrepreneurial action?

  • In the next step, we will clarify the goals to be achieved by cultural change.

  • Subsequently, we initiate change on all levels with a structured concept 

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Strategy development

  • We will work with you to develop the vision and the central strategic goals: The target status. The company’s actions should be geared to this in the long term.

  • A thorough analysis of the current situation follows on this: We clarify the current situation that you need to consider in order to achieve long-term goals.

  • This includes analysis of strengths, weaknesses, stakeholders, and potential development trends. We also review key figures and include relevant benchmark studies.

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Organizational development

Why organizational development?

 A fresh and open view from the outside will help your company become more efficient and successful. After all, employees in the HR department, managing directors, or senior executives are highly qualified experts. However, they are an integral part of the organization that needs to be changed at the same time, which always makes them stakeholders as well. External consultants have additional resources here: They are neutral, have a broad methodological knowledge, as well as a free perspective on the company’s status quo. For example, they are able to identify unconscious aspects of organizational culture or outdated patterns and address them honestly and openly. 




Why SEMA Consult?

We consider ourselves to be enablers for our clients. We work on equal footing with them. We support them in analyzing and questioning the status quo. We will find new paths together. This applies in particular to the highly topical issues surrounding the subjects of  ► change management, “agile organizational development”, and “ambidextry” – i.e., the ability of organizations to discover new things while also using established ones more efficiently. In this context, we benefit from our many years of experience in a wide range of industries. This offers significant added value as compared to internal process facilitators, consultants, or trainers. It makes us literally the closest by far to establishing new perspectives and firmly anchoring them in the corporate culture. 

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Systemic organizational development…

... is the basis for successful ►change management. It requires a particularly high degree of professionalism. Organizational consulting happens in a sensitive triangle: Company – Employees – Consultants. Systemic organizational development considers complex structures and their interaction. To us, that means:

  1. We always analyze and develop in the overall context.

  2. We develop sensitively and as partners.

  3. We act reliably and in a target-oriented manner.

  4. We are entrepreneurs, generating solutions with entrepreneurial added value.

  5. We communicate openly and clearly.


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