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Your corporate academy

Why do you need a dedicated corporate academy?

It will allow you to focus entirely on one of your core tasks: the development of personnel. With the corporate academy, we provide relief for your HR department since we compile an individual training catalog for your organization. It will let your employees develop in a targeted manner. For example, we take care of the needs analysis, the virtual front office as a contact person for course participation or the resource and scheduling planning of suitable trainers as well as their billing. After all, personnel development is a diverse and complex activity in which one can quickly become overwhelmed by administrative tasks. No matter if it’s a corporate group, SME, or administration: The strategically valuable levers that give personnel development a real value contribution in operational value creation are then usually neglected: internal stakeholder management, new developments, or talent pipelines. You can understand, simplify, and outsource the PE process as a business variable with your own corporate academy! 



10 reasons to have a dedicated corporate academy

  1. You don’t need additional human resources for your own corporate academy – you need SEMA Consult. We will implement your corporate academy for you.

  2. You can outsource areas of your HR department and thereby provide relief with the corporate academy. For example, we take on tasks such as knowledge transfer, competence development, scheduling, and organization.

  3. The corporate academy helps you achieve your personnel development goals. We analyze previous training activities, determine your needs and structure the next steps to ensure this.

  4. The pandemic has given digitization of our working world an enormous boost. The corporate academy enables enable contemporary learning and teaching in a digital age. The corporate academy is based on a digital learning environment.

  5. We establish diverse and easy-to-use learning formats via the digital corporate academy based on the needs analysis: This may include learning videos, podcasts, webinars, e-learning, or online role-playing games.

  6. These curated learning paths are available at any time, customized for your organization. This enables you and your organization to learn flexibly at the exact moment when new knowledge is needed.

  7. Additional analogue support is available at any time. SEMA Consult also offers in-house training customized to your needs, among other things

  8. With our 5-50-500 network, we can offer the services and capacities of a large service group if required, without changing your contact.

  9. Cooperation in personnel development requires a high degree of trust. SEMA Consult gives you a trustworthy, reliable, and professional partner

  10.  You have full control over the costs at all times. We also present the (learning) revenues transparently.


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